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Hey everyone,

I recently heard about diaspora and I'm rather excited about it. I stopped using FB years ago, yet I feel like I'm missing out bc so many of my friends and family are on there. Twitter too. I'm just so tired of the constant privacy issues, and if I'm not the product I'm having them shoved in my face constantly. It's too much.

Anyway, I admit I'm rather nervous to try it out. I'm not a computer novice, but I wouldn't consider myself a superuser either. I've been on the MacOS ecosystem since 2005, and I switched to Ubuntu a couple weeks ago.

I see the last post in this community was about a year ago. Has any exciting diaspora changes come up? I've read a bit that diaspora can interact with FB/Twitter, in such as it will import the posts of people I follow on those services to diaspora (and I've seen a brief mention of being able to export comments from diaspora to those services, like when commenting on the posts that were imported if that makes sense). Does anyone have any experience with that? If I understand it correctly, one needs a FB/Twitter account for this to work.

Would love to hear from people if you're so inclined.


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